UX Project Tools 6 Questions about UX and Tools

UX projects are the fundamentals for visualizing and realizing all creations that begin with User Experience. As a result, we wanted to enlighten perceptions by bringing together all of the questions that come to mind in order to create a basic vision of what UX and UX projects are based on.
If you are ready, let’s get started:

1. What are UX tools?
UX project tools are tools that software designers use throughout the product development process to research, create, or test digital or physical representations of their work. used within UX projects.

2.Which tool is used for UX design?

Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator are the tools that can be called the TOP 3 among the tools used for UX designs. They can effectively take part in guiding and diversifying UX designs.

3.What are the Most Popular UX Design Tools?

Tools from Adobe‘s Creative Cloud are generally considered industry standards, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD. Other platforms, such as Figma and InVision, are popular UX design tools used in a variety of businesses and industries. Although popularity is a factor in tool selection, necessity and basic need should be prioritized in the selection of UX Design and project tools.

4.What are the Five Planes of UX?

From the bottom up, these planes are strategy, scope, structure, skeleton, and surface. Each builds on the next as the project moves from the abstract to the more concrete until it reaches the final product. Also, each level requires reaching different goals or completing different tasks. From this point of view, we can also have an idea about how UX projects should be phased.

5. Is Coding Necessary for UX Design?
To give the short answer, if from a broader point of view, no. UX design requires no coding. However, there are situations where learning to code can keep you up with the competition. In order to enable your coding option, it would be better to decide whether it is a necessity and a moment, as we mentioned earlier.

6.What is the UX Lifecycle?
Most designers are familiar with the concept of “design thinking” as a UX process. This process has five phases: empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing. Most design processes stem from this concept. In general, this life cycle will be valid within UX design processes.

It is worth noting that nowadays, where UX and UI designs are gaining more and more vital importance, they can be integrated not only as a web development solution but also into existing artificial intelligence and machine learning processes, which will also strengthen existing IoT processes. UX projects will become increasingly valuable over time.

As IQ Motion, we contribute to the development of AI-based approaches in all existing UX and UI processes and to the digital transformation of your business with unexpected solutions.