12 Reasons Why You Need a Chatbot on Your Website

The popularity of chatbots has increased quite a lot in recent years. These programs backed by artificial intelligence allow us to deliver our messages and communicate in a simple way. Some of these chatbots are very simple: they reply to basic questions; the others can answer more complicated requests. As a result, chatbots have become quite popular on social messaging platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, and Slack; and you can see them on many websites.

Given the popularity and fast-paced environment of the internet, many businesses have started to integrate chatbots into their websites. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should integrate a chatbot into your website.

24/7 Engagement

Chatbots can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, if a chatbot has difficulty understanding some users’ inputs and becomes stuck attempting to answer their questions or solve problems, it can escalate hard to achieve requests to your human support staff.

According to studies, their ability to responding quickly to customers is the most critical quality for a positive customer experience. Therefore, chatbots come in handy in a globalized environment where clients demand rapid, if not instantaneous, responses from companies situated on the other side of the planet. 

Personalized Experience

Chatbots provide a customized experience for users. They are made to put consumers in a conversational mood, similar to how they’d feel as if they were talking to a friend. Chatbots collect information about your website’s visitors and provide them with purchasing recommendations based on their previous purchases.

Wider Audience

It has become easier for your business to target a broader audience now that several messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messaging, Telegram, Skype, and others, have given their approval and resources to chatbot developers and companies. Furthermore, since these messaging platforms have already achieved remarkable success and user support, a business or startup does not have to inform its audience. 

Lead Generation

Chatbots allow you to choose questions, put them in order, and figure out exactly what a visitor wants. The sooner you can identify their demands and segment them so you can give them follow-up questions relevant to their issues, the better.

The ultimate objective is to establish a trustworthy connection between the visitor and the business, with the visitor eventually becoming a lead. To do so, you’ll need to engage in a chatbot exchange where you give before you gain, such as giving a useful resource or future discussion in exchange for their email address.

Improving User Experience

When it comes to creating the best user experience (UX), web designers and developers are under a lot of pressure. With users’ expectations seemingly knowing no boundaries, it’s possible that enhancing the UX has become an endless journey, with chatbots serving as a critical milestone along the way. When you properly design, develop and integrate chatbots into the business ecosystem, they may assist in satisfying people by serving them spontaneously.

Derives Business Intelligence

This virtual assistant’s built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning capabilities enable it to gather and analyze a large amount of conversational data over time and extract useful actionable insights. This is critical for every company’s success. It provides you with insights into how to enhance and create products/services to stay relevant to today’s demanding customers and emerging markets.

Helps You Keep Up With The Trends

To keep your business relevant, you must keep up with the latest trends. Many of your clients use messaging services that enable chatbots, such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Chatbots may be integrated into your website to allow people to interact with you and make your business more accessible. Users may also use chatbots to get information about your products or services and make purchases.

Payment or Checkout

The complexities of the checkout process frequently result in shopping cart abandonment, which is a threat to conversion and a big problem for eCommerce businesses. Usually, it’s not only the process’s intricacy that’s to blame; there might also be issues with unanswered questions. Fortunately, chatbot integration can provide a breakthrough at this crucial point. All a chatbot developer needs to do is connect the created chatbot to the API of a payment system (PayPal, Stripe, EasyPay, and so on). This makes it easier for users to get solutions to questions that are preventing them from finishing the checkout process.

Customer Interaction

Chatbots provide you another way to communicate with your consumers. They may be used to boost consumer engagement by providing timely recommendations and offers. Chatbots that communicate with customers in real-time assist them in finding what they are looking for and evaluating various ideas.


You can use chatbots to automate routine tasks such as scheduling meetings and offering enhanced search capabilities since they are on digital platforms where individuals spend the majority of their waking hours working. Chatbots may be used for more than simply commerce. Giving chatbots monotonous duties like scheduling meetings and researching a topic is a huge time saver.

Saves Human Resources

Chatbots may be used to help users or customers with a specific job at any time. Chatbots do not grow weary or bored, therefore they may be used to give customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words, human resources may be freed from this type of work and put into more productive commercial activities. Customer service costs will be reduced as a result of this.

Handling Capacity

If your website receives a large number of visits, your staff may not be able to communicate with all of them. By interacting with several people at the same time, a chatbox can manage this high demand. For example, if your company provides delivery, you may include a chatbox on your website where customers can ask you questions about your items and receive prompt responses. They may then place orders, pay for them, and monitor their deliveries. This makes your business effective even if you just have a few staff to handle a large number of consumer demands.


It is incredibly difficult to meet customer requirements in this highly competitive technology niche, as consumers are constantly looking for more personalized solutions. Users and consumers are becoming savvier, and they will likely stick with a solution that is both high-quality and simple to use. In this case, chatbots appear to be the answer to the needs of today’s consumer base. If you are running a business, a chatbot may help you build a larger client base by providing high-quality assistance and solutions.